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Title in latin alphabet WO MEN DE TIAN YE | Original Title 我们的田野 Status Completed | Year 1983 | Duration 93 min | Language Mandarin | Country China | World Premiere China


Our Field depicts the lives of five educated youths during the Cultural Revolution and follows their continuous search for meaning during the subsequent years.


In 1970, China is in the Cultural Revolution, lot of urban youth was sent to countryside as labor for re-education. Xi Nan (Zhou lijin), Qi Yue (Zhang jing), Nin Yu (Lin Fanbing), Qu Lin (Lv Xiaogang) and Xiao Didi (Han Lei) were five classmates in the Beijing and together came to wild Bei DA Huang farm. Soon, the harsh reality will test them. Qi Yue ‘s parents into a counter-revolutionary, her inner struggle, belief in shake. Xiao Didi is a returned overseas Chinese students, he can’t receive letter from his overseas parents, gradually lost the courage of life. Nin Yu can’t stand wild farm’s terrible hard live environment, she is want to get married with stranger for back to town. The past few years, Revolution is still continued. Everyone is looking for a way out. Nin Yu left through a marriage without love. Xiao Didi was wounded in the labor, the lame leg. Xi Nan went back to school for study, but there is no way. Qi Yue through long time thinking, strengthened the faith that stay in the farm, but in a fire, she was taken away the young life – – Film’s title Our Farmland (Wo Men de Tian Ye) is their favorite sang in childhood, but The Cultural Revolution makes their youth a disaster.


XIE Fei (b. 1942 China) is one of the greatest Chinese directors of the 4th generation. He graduated from Beijing Film Academy of China then was hired there as a professor, later appointed as Chair of the Directing Department and Vice-President. Several of his films have been distributed in the west and won both domestic and foreign festival awards, including the Golden Bear in Berlin in 1993. He now works and lives in Beijing where he is still teaching as art consultant at BFA.

His directorial style is introspective, insightful and quietly immersive. He takes viewers on slow, intensely personal journeys into the lives and loves of ordinary people – some lonely and filled with unspoken yearnings and naive hopes as they toil against the relentless confines of their everyday existence and others resonating with the unflagging strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

“The best films are not just about unique individuals, they are metaphors for the society and time in which they are made.” – XIE Fei


Drama |Classic | Social issues| Romance




ZHOU Lijing, ZHANG Jing, LEI Han, LIN Fangbing, LU Xiaogang


Producer: HAO Jingcheng
Script: XIAO Jian, PAN Yuanliang, XIE Fei
Cinematography: MENG Qingpeng, GAN Quan
Music: MA Ding
Editor: ZHANG Lanfang