Yilisoo Films is a Paris-based production and international sales company. We are a French and Chinese team and we offer an expertise on the European and Chinese Films markets.

Our mission is to accompany producers and directors offering an original and sensitive vision of the world, either emerging or confirmed, on bringing their projects to reality through international sales, co-development, co-production, as well as legal or financial consulting. Yilisoo Films acquires, co-develops and co-produces features films, animated features and documentaries.

The core business of Yilisoo Films is to extend the cooperation and the films sales between Asian and European film industries, as well as develop projects with strong co-production potential with Asia and Europe. Our president graduated from Beijing Capital Normal University’s Film and Audiovisual Department and Paris Institute of the Arts. In 2018, the company joined famous French Independent producer Sophie Dulac Productions for the production of Claire Simon’s film “Premières Solitudes”. The film has been premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival and selected at the Hong Kong International Film Festival. Yilisoo Films also brought a distributor to the film in Mainland China and Hong Kong.

Our line-up include a collection of stop motion films by Weng Jie, “The Peony Pavilion”, “Ray’s Great Escape”, “The Quintet of the Sunset” and “Kuafu”, “Once” by Zuo Yifang, “The Curtain” by Léopold Dewolf, “Night Factory” by Xiao Baer and a collection of classic movies by Xie Fei, “Our Farmland”, “A Girl from Hunan”, “Black Snow”, “Woman from the Lake of Scented Souls” and “Song of Tibet”.

Yilisoo Films is currently selling worldwide “Crossing the Border-Zhaoguan” by Huo Meng that has been premiered at Pingyao International Film Festival and accompanying Shu Haolun in the production of his new short film “A Short Dream”.